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my mother's cancer

catchme295, Male, 31, India, chennai

hi frnds...pls read my confession and help me how to deal with myself and with others in this situation...

my mother is suffering from colon cancer for the past two yrs...and i donno why i hav been acting very rude to not living at my home and is studying in a different im not with her all the time and i come home only during vacations which is usually once in 2-4 months.. but when i'm there also im not able to show my love for her..i know i truly do love her..but when ever v sit together or when she is arnd i tend to become too insensitive and i cant help it..i donno why..but i hate crying infront of others being a grown up guy..i know i also hav emotions...but i don like exposing it in public..i usually go back to my room and weep silently at my mother's plight...

now she is in a really bad state and doctors are saying her prognosis will be less than a year..i feel really depressed at the way i hav been behaving...i desperately try to be someone nice and caring infront of her but i donno i suddenly bcom insensitive...pls help me and tell me what to do..

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