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grassing up a girlfriend at school

jonnybags, Male, 60, United Kingdom, manchester

Ok this is terrible and I can't believe I'm admitting to this. I was at high school in the seventies, the headmaster was this nasty piece of work who used to cane the hell out of the boys including myself on a few occasions. The girls got a fairly easy time of it mostly however the headmaster got fed up with the girls sneaking out at lunch times to go shopping in town, and he gave us this long assembly about how he was having a crackdown on this and that from then on the girls would get the slipper if they were caught doing this.
A couple of day later I actually spotted my girlfriend and a couple of her friends sneaking out. I don't know why but I got such a terrible power rush knowing that I could get her in serious trouble and actually cause her to get a hiding... it was the most erotic and power-crazed feeling I've ever experienced,just knowing that I had that power, and I'm ashamed to say that I went and told the headmaster what she'd done
That afternoon in assembly there was a note for her to report to the headmaster's office, she looked really shocked and worried and head to leave the class looking terrified. After she had gone for a few minutes I was nearly ecstatic with adolescent hormones, sweating, my heart racing, I couldn't help myself. I asked if I could take the register back as soon as the last name had been marked as the register drew was near the headmaster's office and when down near office I actually hovered around outside the door and listened to her getting walloped.
She came back to class in clear distress, mascara tear stains on her cheeks and looks more upset than I could believe.
I was sympathetic to her afterward and pretended to be completely surprised about her being caught and her punishment, but in reality I enjoyed the whole thing immensely. Obviously I never told her and she never found out and as far as I know she still doesn't know.

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