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Ashamed, Female, 33, United Kingdom, middlesborough

Before I was born my mum met a guy and fell in love with him. He was married. For a while she didn't know but then when she found out she still carried on with the relationship then I was born.
I was happy as far as I can remember.
Bt the age of two my mum had had enough and dumped him, his wife and children didn't know I existed. But she told them.
She hasn't told me much but as far as I know, he dosen't care about me.
I HATE it! I feel unworthy...unwanted and unloved.
I know my mum loves me but he abandoned me. He dosen't even give her any money to help raise me!
A couple of weeks ago my mum's friend bumped into him and told him to leave.
But I'm scared that if I bumped into him he wouldn't recognise me or worse he would.
All my life I have dreamed that my mum ws lying and he really did want me and then he would swoop in and save the day...but I know really what he is, a coward!
But that still dosen't stop me wanting to meet him!

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artisabang, Female, 32, USA, scottsdale 2-6-2009
Even if he didn't love you he is stupid to leave you you will have other/ better people to love you. I sort of have the same feeling when my ma ignores me when my step father is around. Don't worry atleast your ma loves you. and you will have other people to fill that void!

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