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Ashamed, Female, 30, United Kingdom, middlesborough

I think I'm fat! Like an average girl I feel horrible at times and fat! I hate myself most times but some times I love me!
I have had wierd thoughts before...I have been thinking that puking up your food after meals is okay!
But then the next day I hate myself for thinking like that!
Is anyone else the same?
Please answer so i don't feel alone...

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trixieboy, Male, 62, United Kingdom, luton 2-6-2009
Being ginger is excellent - red haired people are the decendents of angels. Don't ever hate yourself. You are a miracle of nature and, one day, you will be able to piss all over the bullies. I was bullied at school because, as a late developer, I was small with a little voice and the wrong accent. Now I'm 6 ft, athletic, professionally successful and I can pick and choose who I'm seen with. It does all go away, so be bold!!

ben18, Male, 30, United Kingdom, manchester 31-5-2009
hey, your problems kinda common sadly, your totally not alone. It sounds like your bulimic, you really need to see a professional, this may feel daunting at first but its for your own good.

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