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ben18, Male, 30, United Kingdom, manchester

My confession is that i always have sex with people i shouldnt, im gay, and im completely at terms with that, but i only ever have sex with people that should be offlimits, one of my bestfriends at highschool had a boyfriend, i lost my virginity too him while they where still together. This guy from college was heartbroken because his dad had left his mom and thought he might be gay, for some reason after i had a drink i went to his to tell him "i was there for him" and that we should stick together. obviously, we did more then that. And finally, i caught our neighbor (at my parents) who is married, has a young girl and has another on its way looking at me while i was sunbathing, and i kinda had something with him. I feel really guilty about all of it but keep doing it, and repeating the pattern, i have no idea why

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