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artisabang, Female, 30, USA, scottsdale

I am a fairly good manga artist, but one of my friends is better. she rubs it in my face ALOT and I get really jelous of it. Well one time I got so jelous that I went to my friend and told her that the girl that was good at drawing traced all her drawings. my friend told EVERYBODY and the other girl got so sad that she started crying. god! i feel like souchh a jerk! im just glad to get it off my chest

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Yosha, Male, 32, Canada, Calgary 27-6-2009
wow, thats a pretty evil thing to do. i actually take it as a compliment when someone says i traced it. that just means that i'm as good as a pro lol. (yes i'm also a manga artist) btw... do you have a deviantart?

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