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cruel childhood antics

whizkid123, Male, 34, Canada, winnipeg

when i was in grade 2 there was a retarded kid named tomislav that others picked on. when me and my friends were fooling around in the washroom my friend opened the stall door on him and peaked over the stall to make him uncomfortable. me and another kid got the idea to tie him to the tether ball pole at the end of recess for some reason. i gotta say on one hand it may be a cruel and inhuman thing to do but in my defense come on me and my friend at that time thought this was hilarious and it made our day-. it was one of the funniest things in my childhood thinking back on it. you could say that it was a small price for tomislav to pay for my friend's and my own amusement. he was stuck yelling and crying for around half an hour before the para professionals found him unfortunately for him. i felt pretty bad too.

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dionne9699, Female, 33, United Kingdom, brimingham 29-6-2009
and look at the shit u write? u fukin sik bastard. why dont you go slash ur fukin neck u have no real m8s u stupid tosser. no 1 fukin likes u! u no wat!!! ur lifes about to get real bad, an belive me ill be watchin every bad thing that happens to you an smilin while i remember what a fukin shit bag u r. i hope life goes real bad u loose every thing and everyone and u die slowly and painfully. that would make me so fukin happy tosser.

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