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Love Confession

i m sorry

ankita017, Female, 30, India, Ludhiana

i had a bf...n i loved him a lot..v had a beautiful n 3yr long relationship but things turned ugly afta a while but initially i had relations wid one more guy n afta a while i realised my mistake n i took a resolution to be tru to him. N nvr did i lie to him afta dis but on another occassion wen my relatives were out me n my cousin sneaked out n met 2 frnz of my cousin n had som drinks n unintentionally things happened but dis was d tym wen me n he had fought n had broken up. But afta few days he cam back n i cud not gather d courage to confess dis to him. Months later he told me dat he had been seeing som oder grl as well because v cud hardly meet each other as of the distant relationship n dey had been really close for once n was sorry for it. I told him dat i can let it go for once but it shud not happen again n i told him abt dat nyt as well but he dint believe me so i said i m not serious abt it. N den v again started seeing each oder n ltr v again broke up...but to b vry tru i really love him a lot...if given one chance to get him back ..i'll b d luckiest in d world. THNX

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