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my secret from grandpa

Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross

my grandpa has ben a gambler all his life n it has gotten out of control at times,this last tim he owed $4,300 the 2nd time hes ever got this deep the 1st time he had 2 sell off 1 of our tractors 4 the money but hes since he got disabld he didnt hav the money n i could c the worry on his face so i went jr which is who he owed n askd him if he could giv me time 2 pay it off,he said how much time do u ned i said hell i dont no thats alot of money if i saved prob more than yr which prob still not long enuff but i had 2 try n he said u've gotta b kiddin i said no sir i'm not thats a lot of money but i will pay u every cent i promis. he said r u still dancin down at lounge n brunswick i said yes sir. he said i hav an idea we play poker which u well no thats where ur papa got n debt with me,y dont u come down 2 the poker house ever now n then n dance 4 us n u can earn a lil 2ward ur papas debt n said i'll treat u rite,so i agrred 2 it n 1 day he calld me n said he had a heavy game goin on thrus nite n i could pick up n good bit of change so i went n i did make sum good money $340 2 b exact which i handed 2 jr 2ward my paps debt but the next time i went was diff n kinda expectd at sum point 2 b propositiond 4 sex n it did payoff good the 2nd time i made 700.00 which i handed 2 jr after 8 months i finaly had jr payed off n i told my grandpa i was goin 2 pay jr off 4 him by borrowin the money n grandpa informd me that he payd jr the whole amount over 6 months ago,my heart sunk n askd him how he got the money he said he had it all along but didnt wanna touch it but figured he beter,if he ever wantd 2 go bac 2 the poker house again,so i went bac n cussd that bastard out n said u owe me $4300 he said i dont owe u a damn thing honey but u can stop by anytim u needed a few dollars n the guys would contribute thats wen i told him 2 go fuck himself n her said y honey wen i hav a nice lookin whore 2 fuck like u,did i feel stupid

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whizkid123, Male, 36, Canada, winnipeg 27-6-2009
thats a great story you got pwned


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