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My brother in-law

sinfulkisses34, Female, 48, USA, Valley Stream

I am married with 4 kids, and a great husband. For the past 3 years now my brother in-law(Mike) has been flirting with me, my sister(Lisa) is 32, and Mike 24. I didn't know why he was flirting with me, lisa is hot, skinny, and sexy, compared to me. I'm almost 180 pounds. I would let him massage my feet, back, legs and neck. After a shower I would even let him place lotion on me.
We go for walks a lot. Talk about nothing. I tell him he's a pig for flirting with me. Well after a bbq we were cleaning up, and the only thing left to do was the kitchen, it was just me and Mike cleaning, somehow he had to lean over me to put the dishes away and I could feel that he had a hard on, I teased him about it, and somehow we kissed. After that he went home with my sister, he came back in the morning to help my husband repair the garge.
Everyone was still sleeping when I answered the door, I asked if he wanted breakfast, he said I want you, I laughed and pretended like nothing happened. I was standing by the refrigerator when Mike came behind me, and we kissed again, we went into one of the kids play room where we made out some more. throughout the day we gave eachother little kisses. This story is long enough so for the past month now I've been having great sex with Mike, we meet up at the hotel, he comes by my job, I work in a warehouse and I am the ony office person there, I even called out sick twice, and stayed home with him. I've never done it in the car until now, or even had someone play with while I drive. I even went to the doctor to get on the pill, I just wanna feel him in me. I feel alive, all he wants to do is take care of me sexually. But should I feel guilty, what about my sister, and our familys?

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Comments By Other Users

shouldbeD, Female, 44, USA, San Diego 15-6-2009
how would you feel if the tables were turned?

YoungMonster, Male, 47, USA, nashville 12-6-2009
I don't think you should feel any guilt! Although you should be prepared for what will happen when everyone finds out! Becuase they always do! But it certainly sounds like your NEED out weighs the risks. Sounds to me like this brother in providing you something you obviously deeply need! Dangerous. yes..but if you are getting what you deserve. if just may be worth it! Sounds like mike is a lucky man!

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