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Love Confession

My bad?

missx, Female, 40, Australia, Brisbane

I have been with my husband for 11 years, but for the past 2 years I have been seeing another man who is also married. I cant seem to stop, we have tried so many times and know that it is wrong, but nothing seems to keep us apart, we talk everyday and have admitted that we are in love with each other, we both want our marriages but both want each other as well. I am currently trying to have a baby with my husband and i want this more than anything, I think it will be the final closing of the door for me and my other man, but it isnt happening for us, Im wondering whether it is because i am bad and dont deserve to have a child of my own. I have never been this kind of person and have never done anything like this is all my life, there is just something between me and this other man that is so real and my mind is never very far from him. I dont want to be this person that i have become but at the same time i cant seem to stop or want to imagine not having him in my life as he makes me so incredibly happy.

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CantLetGo, Female, 43, Australia, Melbourne 26-6-2009
I am in a VERY similar situation, and i really feel for you. There is no right answer, but unless you are both willing (and that's pretty unlikely) to leave your spouses, its probably never going to work. I've had this "thing" going on with a man for nearly 15 years, but we've never actually hooked up. We r now both married, but still, after all this time want each other as much as we ever did. Good luck to you missx, i hope you resolve this one way or another without too much heartbreak.... And for the record, i don't believe this is why you can't have a baby, but maybe its your bodies way of telling you your trying to have a baby with the wrong person?


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