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Too much sex?

BadBadBoy, Male, 48, USA, Somewhere in Alabama

So, over the past few weeks I've started having an affair with my ex-wife. The sex is great, better than it was when we were married. She comes by my place on the way to or from work and we spend the next hour or so screwing our brains out.

I'm currently single, but my recent ex-girlfriend still calls me occasionally for a booty call. She is younger than the ex-wife and what she lacks in technique she makes up for in enthusiasm.

Recently, each day will involve sex with either one or both of them (not at the same time of course). Neither knows that I am having sex with the other.

I just had to share.

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Comments By Other Users

shouldbeD, Female, 44, USA, San Diego 17-6-2009
Just be careful! Use protection, other than feelings being hurt you don't want to pass anything along to anyone. Crazy how sometimes ex's work better after a divorce/breakup.

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