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Love Confession

Sexting Affair

CantLetGo, Female, 43, Australia, Melbourne

I have a long history with a man and even tho we r both married, and even though we have tried to stop it, we r having a sexting affair. Before i got married, he called me and asked me not to get married, said he'd be back before then, he never showed and i got married. We stayed friends for a long time, texting occasionally then about 2 years ago the texts became really intimate, with each of us telling the other what we want to do to each other, in very explicit detail. We stopped for about 18 months when he got married but have since confessed to each other that yes, i once loved you, yes, i still love you, and yes, a large part of my heart belongs to you. Our texting became very intimate again a few days ago, with both of us admitting we can't/won't give the other up. He's told me that if i ever need it, he'll rescue me. I believe we are soul mates, and couldn't keep away from each other even if we wanted to. Good thing we live about 4000 km's apart!

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missx, Female, 40, Australia, Brisbane 28-6-2009
You are right we do seem to be in similar situations, however I am not 4000km away from him, we are very close which means we see each other fairly often (once or twice a week). I hope you can work all this out with as little hearbreak as possible too, I completely understand how hard it all is though. Best of luck.

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