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no boyfriend since birth....what's wrong with me?

icryundermyskin, Female, 31, Philippines, davao

i know a lot of people can relate to this but i can't help this feeling of being left behind by my friends or classmates. i'm in college already and still don't have any experience of having a bf... i can't help but get jealous when my friends talk about their dates and how wonderful their bf is...i keep on asking myself what is it that they have that i don't have?...why do some people who just broke up with someone last week already has someone new this week!?is it unfair or what?...don't i also get a chance to fall in love?right now my feeling si nearing to it's boiling point wherein when it's there i might lose hope and give up on love!....i know i should wait...a lot of people tell me that i'm still so young but how long will that wait be?

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