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Love Confession

bad luck..

jillvalentine, Female, 33, India, maharashtra

myself jill age 19yrs...m good looking grl and was in love wid a guy of same age...he wasnt so good lookin as compared to me. i loved him since my 8th grade...and he wasnt aware..he nevr knw..beside his family and my family were friends. we never spoke to eachother but i had hotts for him....i thought if i ever tld him that i love him he will accept..coz i nevr had bfrn an he alwys thought me as a goodgrl. he is also a good guy he nevr took intrst in grls...but last week he met me online and we just talked...and it was 1st time we talked since last 5yrs... and he confessed he fell in love wid a grl in his class ...last year...and he thinks of marrying she is simple grl...and that grl is not intrested in him [as he said] BUT he says she is his 1st and last crush....wen i herd i was hertbrokn...i loved him so much and he is in love wid someone else...what should i do?????? he also said me to pray for him that succed in his love of his life....m hartbroken and jealous too....but still m on his side.....what i lacked ..i dont know...i was beautiful ,rich, good character......[i nevr had any relationship as he was my love]

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