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his baby

itsalwaysgoingabeyou, Female, 33, USA, new york

met a guy in one of my classes he turned into a real good friend.. then we ended up talkin... only thing was he had a girlfriend with a baby on the way.. so no one could find out. we'd make plans like to skip class, or lunch.. but they always fall thro.. either we'd see someone who knew his girl and freak out or teacher would stop us.. but we always met in the hall when no one was around.. send cute little email.. or sweet little txt.. we had something cute going. one day he was like we're together tomorrow no matter what. i was ready and excited id actually grown to like him ha or to want him.. but day came he didnt come to school.. next day he comes up to me and says look look look at my baby girl 6lbs 3 oz... he said he was sorry.. aint tryed to talk to me since every now and then i getta hey but he said his girl was starting to question and he loved his baby girl not her but they came in a package.. so we stopped talking.. his daughters soo cute and i knew this was coming but i hate it. the babys soo pretty but jus seeing her picture makes me happy for him but i didnt get my chance kinda dissappoints me.. yeah i know i would have only been a hit it quite it thing but i still wanted it..

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