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KY98989, Female, 32, Canada, Ottawa

I had protected sex about 3 weeks ago, well i don't know if you can really call it that because he couldn't fit in all the way. BUT he was still wearing a condom, and I know it didnt break, but before I was giving him hand, and he came .. it got on my stomach (weird i know) and i dont remember if he touched any of it at all or not, but then he fingered me, the day after i started having to go to the bathroom every half an hour, and now 3 weeks later after going to the doctors and taking pills for a UTI, i still have to go .. and my stomach is a little bloated.. I have been SO stressed and so nervous, i think it could be from that. Also breats are the tiniest bit sore, but im like the biggest hypochondriac in the world (someone who thinks they are suffereing from an illness when they couldn't possibly be) ... but am i pregnant ?

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