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I know its wrong but I can’t stop myself

FLYguy, Male, 35, South Africa, Gauteng

This all started a few months ago my uncle went away on business and since my cousin who is at university and stay’s in a different city I offered to live with my aunt because she really did not like to stay alone for long periods of time and my uncle was going to be away for about 3 months.
Well all was fine until after about the first month when I started to be attracted to my aunt and living in the same house with her just did not help. I always new my uncle was lucky because my aunt is a very sexy 40 year old lady they got married she was around 17 and by 18 she gave birth to my cousin who is a year older than me at 22 years, but some how I still found myself attracted to my 40 year old auntie.
The strange thing was i sensed that she was flirting with me at first I just thought that I was been crazy but after a while she started to dress more sexually and then it happened about 3 weeks before my uncle was due back my auntie and I had sex together and we both enjoyed it so much that we continued with our affair but the biggest surprise was a day before my uncle got back we found out that she was pregnant.
Well my aunt made sure she had sex with my uncle the day he got back so now he thinks that she is pregnant with his child. Now she is 3 months pregnant and he is away on business again so I’m back at the house and we cant stop our self, we make love every day sometimes while my uncle is on a call with her I will be pleasuring her I feel terrible for doing this to my uncle but I don’t think we cant stop our affair.

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