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Love Confession


jjwright, Male, 34, United Kingdom, Cambridge

i had this girlfriend, and basically she messed me about, dumping me after each 2 weeks, i dont think she meant to, but my love for her could have easliy been blinding me. And each time we went back out she told me she loved me, there would only be a 2 or 3 week gap in between each relationship. i know i havnt been clever i shouldnt of even been back out with her the second time, but this carried on for four times. each time i grew more and more frustrated and after our last break up we decided that its best to try and get over each other. its been 7 weeks and nothings changed i still love her and i miss her even though she always there. i think shes moved on. i have no idea what to do, and i loved more than any other girl ive been with, i really thought i could of spent the rest of my life with her. i know this isnt really a confession its just how i feel.

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