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M-Pen, Male, 47, United Kingdom, london

My confession is I'm a secret crossdresser.. I'm addicted to it.. In some ways I cant understand this behaviour. Im not one of those guys he feel they have been born the wrong gender. I'm not really gay as such (although when I'm dressed I have some rather um.. bi fantasies (for fututre confession possibly)). And tht it, I regularly throw a way all female clothes I buy.. but then the need to go and buy and wear comes back.

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Vickie, Male, 61, USA, Jackson 5-6-2007
You really do need to try some men, sucking them at the least. It's exciting and being dressed while you do another man is the greatest. love Vickie

femboy, Male, 70, USA, albany ny 14-3-2007
dont purge everytime you feel guilty it gets really expensive.try it once a man and see how you like i did and never went most crossdressers are hetro.

kittikat, Female, 40, United Kingdom, London 30-3-2006
hey I almost married a guy who loves dressing up as a woman wearin g strings hgh heels etc......but he said he know he was born a man and wants to stay a man....I don't understAnd it???? Its really hard to deal with i really love the guy.............any advice????

beautifulxDisaster, Female, 34, USA, Thomasville 10-3-2006
I think your just bi-curious.. but ive seen alot of cases like this. its not natural but UM thats your life and what you like to do.

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