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Love Confession

My friends girlfriend

SinfulDevil, Male, 40, United Kingdom, Manchester

I went to a nightclub in the city on Saturday night and bumped into my flatmaes girlfriend of 2 years... Emma. He couldn't come out this weekend as he has flu. Well we flirted, danced, touched, and eventually kissed passionately in a corner for a while, our hands all over each over. We both admitted we were aroused by the sheer wrongness of it all and fantasied about how sneaky we could be around my flatmate from now on. Good thing he had flu and was in a deep sleep later that night, Emma was moaning with pleasure in the bedroom above his. The next morning my flatmate asked me if i had a good night, i couldnt help smiling as i fantasised about the next time i could pleasure his girlfriend. I'm just evil !

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