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Love Confession

its hurt

akarudegurl, Female, 32, USA, Atlanta

i did have a gurl/friend but she was miles away, its hurt 2 know that i cant see her and touch her daily, so i find myself goin crazy and telling her hurtfull things i even cheated on her 3 times with three different gurls but she only know abou one and now its hurts b/c i really do love and care abou her. i think abou her everyday and want her bac in my life but i know if i even try now it aint goin to work. i dont know what 2 do????????

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Angie, Female, 36, Germany, Wuppertal 4-12-2006
Hi, i know how its feels to love somebody who is on the other side of this earth... and u dont know when and if u see him/her again. But i didnt understand where is exactly ur problem? she left u??????

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