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Love Confession

What Should I Do?

ForgettinGirl, Female, 32, United Kingdom, Derby

Once what i believed was my best friend.. Was really the 1!!

For 2 and a half years i was in love with my best friend. We used to spend all our time together..People would always assume we we're a couple.. Always cuddling, Kissing and holding hands. Sleeping in the same bed..Everything a couple would do! One day i decided it was time to confess my true feelings for him.. So i did, He didn't say anything.. I let it go! A couple off months later we got invited to a party along with the rest off my family..He arrived after me with the rest of my family. Everything was going great.. The night was perfect..Serval hours later we ended up arguing.. He wanted to go out with an old friend i knew that had arrived there. I declared! I wanted to arrive home wtih my family.. He said he was sorry and we made up!! Moments later we we're saying bye to those old friends.. and Im sure something happened! About a week later my best friend, The man i loved for all that time and had shared everything with declared he was gay!! This ruined my life..I was sooo heartbroken and i didn't know what 2 do.. As time went on he started dating a college friend..He was a lovely guy but a player and i didn't want my friend being hurt.. As time went on i completely lost the man i loved..Within time they split up..I have only just recently been contacted by him. When he left me for another man, i was dead inside.. He may aswell had killed me! The man he left me dying inside for came back to college.. He told my friend what had all happened and how he knew my friend never meant to hurt me etc. He then told my college friend, My best friend had said he " Loved katie, And Katie Loved Him " Me being katie.. He also now is looking for a girlfriend..Wht do i do? Im still soo hurt! I wanna get over him, but i cant??? He put me threw all that hurt for nothing? I can't stop thinking about him, i want him back in my life..!! Is there a good way to go about it? Or should i completely shut him out?? HELP! This isn't the complete story.. but from this what do you honestly think?

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Evos, Female, 35, USA, New York 24-10-2007
Follow your heart and you will know whatvto do. If you believe that you can forgive hm and never make wha happend an issue agiain go for it. But also remember reltionships should be built on trust so if you cant trust him you should waste your time.

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