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Love Confession

Burning Pokers

chihuahuahua, Female, 31, USA, Northbrook

You always stare at me so intensely, but I never really noticed it until quite recently. When I finally realized what was going on, I was absolutely floored. How could such a gorgeous man be possibly interested in a girl like me? Am I that special? That worthy? My mind is reeling. Everyday, I would feel your eyes burning holes into my backside, and I wouldn't turn around to meet them because I feared the ferocious extent of your grey eyes. And then I'd go home with your ferverous eyes stamped into my mind. It's sickening in a way: I desperately want you to stop and yet still I want you to continue. But, you know what? I'm scared that you'll find the cracks in me then leave me with a shattered heart. I know, it's silly and I laugh at myself for thinking this as I consider taking that risk to drown myself in your eyes.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 38, USA, Waycross 15-3-2007
y do u feel soo unworthy darlin. ur worthy of any guy. i dont care if ur fat,ugly or watever. be bold,confident and be more aggressive. i felt sorry for u talking lie that,it was depressing. sweetheart u dont get guys by being shy or by looking down on urself , if u want this guy take him dont be shy or anything,just walk up grab his crotch and ask him if he'll use it or not. ask him if he's ever been raped,if he says no,then say do u wanna be. just be aggressive cause men love a take charge woman that will dominate him sexually.

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