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I'm so edgy!

krazydaisy, Female, 35, USA, new rochelle

I just want to relax, but honestly I'm like I should be doing something. I think sitting around doing nothing right now its a waste of time. There is something I could be doing. I just feel the need to be constantly busy and even when I'm doing something I want it to be done quickly so I can move on to something else. I get edgy sometimes, but I'm becoming a lunatic right now. I did my hw, worked on my resume, answered some of my penpals, watched a movie, read a story. I am still going to exercise, hoping that will calm me some. But I also need to finish answering my penpals, do my laundry, work on my stories (5 I need to update), answer my new penpals, start working on my next memoir, work on my term paper and organize my room. It's 7:08PM, what is wrong with me?! I need to stop the insanity!

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