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Who do you think you are?

anon1, Female, 31, United Kingdom, London

Who do you think you are? You chase me for months. Tell people just how much you like me. Buy me nice things. At first i heard you had a bit of a reputation due to the people you hang around with. But you were so desperate to change my view of you. You took me out to show me that you weren't who i thought you were. For the first time in ages i felt that some one actually wanted and fancied me. You told me you were 'crazy' about me. I figured you were happy with me.

But then you ended it. And ok, it got nasty because i was so surprised. If there were problems you should have told me sooner, not let me keep thinking that everything was cool. It was like you'd lost interest. You liked the chase, but got bored with the catch. You should never have chased me if you didn't really want me.

Since you dumped me i've realised you ARE the guy you so desperately wanted me to believe you weren't. The things you've been doing, the things you've said. Almost like you're trying to rub it in my face. You're arrogant, self centered and just so young. But why am i writing this? I know you don't care but it hurt. It was like i'd been picked up and dropped just so you could have a little fun.

You've left me wondering who i can trust. How do i know that the guy in my next relationship isn't lying to me about the type of guy he is? How do i know how he really treats girls? I hope that one day someone out there will give you a taste of your own medicine. Thats the only thing that will stop you from doing this to some other girl.

I wish i'd listened to what people had been saying about you before. My friends never liked you - but i didn't see that. Especially since you'd made so much effort to be mine. You had no right to treat me like that. Just who the hell do you think you are?

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Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 26-6-2007
darlin, u said u heard he had a bit of a reputation and u still was draw in by him. its not his fault u ignored everything u heard about this guy and he maybe a bastard now, but wen he was laying on the bullshit u were there to gobble it up knowing he had this rep. u know u like the sex n the mystery of it all. he was a bad boy and u loved every minute up until he dropped u and u wouldn't go back and change a thing,but one thing u would change is his mind to stay with u. many guys get off on this very thing n treat us like meat,but for me thats ok cause they r just meat to me and i try to devour every cock i can get. i know i'm addicted to sex and the pleasures of bodies rubbing against each other,whether just 2 bodies or group sex. i'm not ahamed to be the slut after being fucked over by my rich husband at 19 i just dont give a shit and i even went soo far as to fuck every friend of his that told him i was a whore from the poor side of town. i fucked all his friends but 2 and thats cause they moved away b4 i could, but if i ever see them i'm gonna fuck them to and complete that mission. but u didnt asked for this guy to screw u over,but u knew his rep,so suck it up honey and go on with life. daina

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