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my confession

lostnaivite, Female, 33, USA, Concord

i converted to christianity partly because i wanted to make an evangelical friend of mine happy. in fact, i'm always more than willing to change who i am in order to gain the approval of others. and i hate that. i wish i could just be happy being myself, even if not everyone likes that.

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carefulORgetHURT, Female, 36, USA, Aurora 27-7-2007
You do it because you haven't learned to love yourself. I don't know what to advise you on how to work on yourself... but maybe stand in a mirror everyday and say 3-5 good things about yourself. Then write those things down in a journal and every month review the good things you had said about yourself. maybe that will be a first step into getting to like yourself. Hopefully you will get there and then you will have friends who will accept you the way you are, even if you practice different religions.

Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 24-5-2007
you need to be you no matter wat. i was raised christian and have just turned into the biggest slutty whore u could imagine but at least i'm real about it. i do enjoy myself and not shy about it. my family doesn't accept the liberty i take to live my life and fulfill my every fantasy with male or female but thats ok with me. take care darlin. daina in Ga

ThatGuy, Male, 34, USA, Des Moines, IA 4-5-2007
It seems you have made the most important step in realizing that you're life would be better if you could just be yourself regardless of what others think. The only (major) step that remains is for you to make a commitment to put your foot down once and for all on the subject. Once you feel you are ready, look yourself in the mirror until you have broken through the mask you put on for others, then say aloud with your head held high: "This is who I am, and shall always be" Repeat this until you fully understand the implications behind this bold statement. From that point onward, whenever you hit a juncture where you must decide between being yourself and appeasing others, you can think back to that moment and realize that you have ALREADY made the decision to BE YOURSELF always and forever. I truely hope you follow these instructions and benefit from my advice. I would be interested in hearing updates on your progress, please email me at when progress is made, if you have any questions, or if you desire furthur counseling.

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