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Love Confession

i'm not her, but i wish i was

Wishiwereshe, Female, 39, USA, nowere

I still love you, and even when you confronted me about it, i lied to you. I think you saw right through me though.....I hate lying to you, but i need to protect myself. You are with her, and supposedly getting married, even though you've only known her for 2 months, off the internet, and have already called the engagment off once. You guys aren't engaged anymore, but your still with her....i'm so wrapped in jealouse towards her. i just want her to disappear and break your heart - ya i now that sounds horrible, but i know what you'd do if that happened - just like before, you'll come running to me and i'll be happy. how selfish am i? I just want you back so bad. and my memories of you have already ruined 2 relationships, how many more are going to suffer.....please do me a favore and leave me alone, let me get over you. let me be happy with someon else if its at all possible.........

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