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im screwed up

serph, Male, 35, United Kingdom, london

i spend most of my time lying, cheating and manipulating pretty much anyone i meet just to get what i want and the fact is i am brilliant at it and its shameful but impossible to stop. i have various fantasies centered around at least 50 different women (the list grows everyday and i dont even know most of their names). Oh and i steal what i want if i cant get it by lying or manipulating, i do not have a problem with destroying someone emotionally if it helps me get what i want, sometimes i do it just for fun. i feel very little guilt and even now im covering myself, none of my details except my age are anywhere near correct.

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telme, Male, 72, Israel, tel aviv 2-8-2007
If you have no guilt why are you sharing this? Spend one day next week trying to help someone.

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