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ua4oe02cb, Female, 35, USA, Atlanta

I don't think I could actually ever do it because of where I stand religiously. I am not sure if commiting suicide will cause you to spend eternity in hell. I don't think I want to take that chance.

But... I hate my life. Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of good things in my life.. I just hate myself. I am so messed up. I mess things up all the time. I'm never happy. I am OCD so a lot of things stress me out.

I haven't tried to kill myself but I find myself wishing all the time that the car coming from the other direction will somehow hit me head on or that I will somehow lose control of the car and go over the edge of a bridge or cliff or just into a tree. I even ask God to take my life.

I think that I am getting closer to committing suicide though. Things just keep getting worse. I have moments of happiness but not enough to counteract this life of sadness.

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telme, Male, 72, Israel, tel aviv 2-8-2007
I just read your post, and I think that I will now commit suicide, as it made me really depressed. I don't think that there is any future for me, and I thank you for reminding me about the futility of my existence.

Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 18-6-2007
wat is soo bad that you want to die by suicide darlin. i cant imagine suicide for any reason. lifes too much fun if you would let go and have fun. if ur overweight u can lose weight,if ur not pretty theres always surgery, if its sex u can get it whether ur overweight,ugly or watever. theres no need to even think bout dying and ur young too. if u can dream of killing urself then at least u can be bold enuff to live and tell a guy or a girl lets party and have sex or watever u wanna do. have fun be daresome to live reckless at least but live like its ur last day

lovergirl, Female, 59, USA, washington DC 11-6-2007
Please don't do it!!!!!! You won't go to hell, but the people around you will be in hell on earth if you do this, please please keep trying to get help - it's a chemical imbalance that makes you feel this way and there's something out there that will help you, just hang in there and keep working with your doctor and a psych to find out what it is. My closest familt member killed himself a year ago and i can't tell you what it's done to all of us, it has tore our lives apart, it is a pain like no other, no matter what ,your family and friends will think it's their fault and will never get over it, I know it's hard for you to be here and in pain, but please think of your loved ones too and the life path in front of you and please stay here with us!

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