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Never compare

WePayOurDebtSometime, Male, 46, USA, Carmel

I am so frustrated with the way I am being treated by you. I hate feeling not worthy of you, I hate feeling like I am not good enough. ANd you know NOT. I can never live up to your expectations. You deserve someone better. You deserve someone that has more money saved and is more responsible. You think I like living like this? I dont, I freaking HATE it. I just wish I could start over. I just wish I could go back to a certain point in my life and do it all again. I wish my life was like a movie where, when I make a wish like that I wake up the next day and it happened. I keep thinking something like that will happen, funny huh?

I hate the way you criticize me. I know I don't have much money left, I KNOW it's frustrating I can't even buy you dinner sometimes or don't have enough gas to get to work and your house. I know im irresponsible. I know I suck. You don't always have to tell me these things. I'm sorry you feel like you made a mistake giving me a chance. I am trying to make it better. I am trying to get caught up on my bills and actually keep money in the bank. That takes time.

I love you. Although you hurt me when you say things like this..I love you. I feel like a little bitch when im around you..but I love you. I am not who you are looking for. You say I am, you say you need me and want me. But when conversation comes up about money you start to second guess our relationshiop.

I can't live like that. Thats insane. Love me for who I am and what I can bring to the table in our relationship. Dont love me because I have money in the bank.

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Answen, Male, 72, Israel, Wenwqua 16-6-2007
dont feel bad. at least u arent a sinner like me. i've done things worse than i could imagine. if i tell u, u cant tell. okay? i took the life of my own dog. my family thinks he ran away, but i burried him, deep. i know, it's horrible, and i had a good reason too. as for u, dont feel bad. i'm sure someone loves u, because i know i do.

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