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Love Confession

A friend's wedding...

itsdestiny, Female, 41, USA, Ohio

I just realized that I am in love with my best guy friend who will be getting married very soon. I realize I missed my chance and it's too late to tell him how I feel, but it still hurts.

The worst thing is that I broke down and told the guy I've been persuing, and he's now pissed at me because he doesn't want to be anyone's "second pick". He's not! This is just bad timing, and I don't know how to deal. :(

I just can't win!!!

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itsdestiny, Female, 41, USA, Ohio 20-6-2007
I did decide to tell him. We discussed it, and he says he loves me as his friend and will always be here when I need him... even after he's married. He was so sweet, and I felt so bad for putting him in that position. He handled it so well. :( I have been having dreams constantly about him. I wish there was more I could do, but I do feel good that it's out there. Now I can try to move on. Thanks for the advice dainagirl. I appreciate it.

Dainagirl24, Female, 39, USA, Waycross 13-6-2007
its never too late to tell anyone anything unless they r dead, so u best tell him how u feel no matter what or lose that opportunity.

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