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what should i do?

lillie, Female, 32, Greece, cyprus

I met this guy online, we swapped phone numbers. And ever since we have spoken for hours. He makes me feel special and we like each other very much. We've only seen photos of each other. And now we want to meet up. He lives 8 hours away and is 6yrs older than me. If my parents knew about him they would spew. Im really confused and dont know whether to meet him or not. what do you think?

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Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 24-6-2007
look ur not in love ,i mean u've never even met the guy,so go meet him see if the sex is great and then decide. u dont want a guy that fuck u right and bring u to orgasm every single time u have sex, so meet him. show him wat blue ball means darlin. daina

ForgettinGirl, Female, 31, United Kingdom, Derby 10-1-2007
If you really do care about him.. Then i personally think it wouldn't be a bad think to meet so long as you was in a public place at all times surrounded by people! That doesn't show you dont care about him but that you take care of yourself. x

dipstick, Male, 64, United Kingdom, luton 9-4-2006
sounds very very dangerous to me, perhaps you like risk games, i hope not miss this one out.

listener, Female, 32, Australia, rox 3-4-2006
hey things like this can be sooooo dangerous ok, so dont meet him by yourself, and maybe tell him to meet you in your home town so that you know were to go if something bad may happen?

tara1711, Female, 33, Australia, sydney 24-3-2006
i will tell you one thing: be careful. however, if u like each other etc tec. go and c him and decide from there - i met my current bf online we've been together 2 yrs...

kook&mamm, Male, 56, New Zealand, nelson 23-3-2006
hi , its easy to build up a romance with photos and long conversations , love is a strange and complex thing, have you told a friend ? maybe if you decide to see him , go with a friend just to be safe . take care.

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