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I feel so unloved,so unappreciated.

SinAngel15, Female, 29, United Kingdom, Evesham

People at my school are almost always nasty to me, even when the teacher is present. But sometimes they can be really nice. I am sooo confused.
They all know that my mom is dead and has been since I was a kid. Do they really like me and are only messing about when they tease me endlessly or is the like just sympathy.

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Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 17-7-2007
the main thing is dont give a shit wat ppl say about u, i do know u need be confident n just go. dont b afraid to put urself out there n if u want boys to notice n like u then make them notice n like. u see how the cheerleaders r dont u just b like them,confident n dont care wat ppl say/. u'll b fine trust me

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