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Love Confession

He's just a guy.

SinAngel15, Female, 31, United Kingdom, Evesham

There is this guy in my school that I really like at points of time but at other times, I feel like kicking his head in (metaphoriacally speaking).
I haven't told him but what can I say?
I'm not sure if he likes me at all. Whenever I try to talk to him, he ignores me but when he talks to me ( which is rarer than a blue moon) I talk back.
Is this love or just sympathy?

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Comments By Other Users

erzengel34, Male, 32, USA, sidney 12-11-2007
maybe this is just a guy but what if it turns out to be the gut? i dont know you or anything about you but i do know that if you never take a chance youll always wonder. i know

Evos, Female, 35, USA, New York 24-10-2007
I think that you really like but am not sure if he likes you, but thatis not important. the important thing is that hedoes not seem to respect you let it slide because you like him. You should focus on weather or not he is good enough to be your boyfriend before you wonder if he likes you.

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