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barryb, Male, 40, USA, Grand Rapids

I wear women's panties everyday, and have been for a few years. As a matter of fact, I don't even own any men's undies anymore. I usually buy my panties over the internet because it is too embarrassing to go into the mall and buy them.

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kfsteve391, Male, 72, USA, mesa 15-1-2009
I wear women's panties daily, too. I get most of mine from 99 cents stores. There is no help and you have to look through them yourself, but for a buck each you can save a lot. I just got a beautiful sheer bikini by Feminina for a dollar. The original price tag said $14.50. You might also try stores that sell close-outs that have them on a rack. Of course, you will have to serve yourself. As far as being embarrassed to admit they are for yourself, you can always say they are for your girlfriend. Most of the salespeople don't really care. Hope this helps.

barryb, Male, 40, USA, Grand Rapids 1-3-2008
i have successfully been shopping for panties at Frederick's of Hollywood. the sales girls in there are happy to help me find the best panties for me. the sales girls in Victoria's Secret are not so helpful.

giftlove77, Female, 36, USA, new york 29-12-2007
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Vickie, Male, 61, USA, Jackson 2-8-2007
Don't worry about it, go to someplace like Wal-mart and just shop for everything you need, most of the SA's are women or young girls and they don't even care. I buy all my clothes at local stores and have found that most of the SA's are very helpful.

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