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Love Confession

I Have A Crush On My Boss.

sparky1265, Male, 54, USA, sparkytown

She's my immediate supervisor, and it really hurts because I know it's not proper for me to say anything. I like my job, I really respect her enough not to put her in an awkward position by saying anything, and both of us are married so I just need to buckle up and keep my commitments.

The deal is it just hurts me so. Her eyes are as deep and a blue as the ocean, and when I look into them I'm lost at sea....She's a very calm, quiet, and collected person. She's very kind and understanding. She's solid and steady, when everyone else around her is bananas. That's probably why she's boss. I really admire her for that.

Recently she just had a baby, so I definitely need to be respectful, but her motherhood has only made me yearn for her even more. I understand that I need to do the right thing -- I just don't know how to deal with how much it hurts. I really wish there was a way I could just let her know how I feel, and only that, I don't expect anything further. I just want her to know, that's all.


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Comments By Other Users

Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 3-9-2007
look here. ppl fuck around all the time n get away with it, just keep it purely sexual without feeling guilty or else you'll fuck up your marriage,so just play with the boss n work won't seem like work. i've ben with most of my bosses,yes even female bosses so as long as u kep purely sex then it will b fun. if u dont a bad divorce will follow.

ACMS, Male, 32, USA, hburg 3-9-2007
first you need to kill her husband and her baby and eat it, then fuck the dead remains, then burn it, after that fuck her and tell her you have aids t fucking owned

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