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Love Confession

being the other woman

ourspacenomore, Female, 35, USA, Bozeman

I have been "dating" a married man for three years now. He swears he loves me, but he still hasn't left his wife. My heart breaks every day. The guilt is simply overpowering, as is the jealousy, anger, resentment, and fear. I break down at least once a day and sob.

Every time I start to end it, I think about all the wonderful things we've experienced together. I think about all the things we have planned. I think about how much he's changed my life for the positive. And in the end, I never tell him it's over.

Sometimes, I wish his wife would just die. The rest of the time, I wish it were me that would just die.

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Comments By Other Users

misty, Male, 33, Italy, 77 1-2-2008
i have those feelings too.firstly i must say that i am in a relationship with my teacher but nothing changed cos he was married and he is still married... nobody who is married wont leave his wife for the sake of u.this is the fact even if it hurts..u have 2 choise u can get used to live with his wife ( of course if he lets u cos he should know ur feelings firstly)or u will forget him ... now u should think how to decide..i know both are difficult.. if u ask me i just got used to live with his wife his works most importantly HIS CHILD !! noone knows anything of course but we r still meeting..i just accepted his life :( and i really want to escape him but i cant damn!

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