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Love Confession

I'm in love with my sister in law and she is getting married

markus, Male, 49, Other East Europe countries, N

This is a sad story. I'm 35 now. Since the age of 18 I am in love with a girl who is 4 years youger than me. She was 14 then, she is 31 now. At 18 I started to date with her older sister, who is my age. I love and respect and enjoy my marriage, we have good life and three wonderful kids, but what can I do... For all these years I was and still am in love with her sister.

I never tried to approach her for the fear of rejection that might have been natural first due to the age difference at the time (18 & 14), and now due to the fact that I'm married to her sister. Even if she was interested in me (and I don't know whether she is or was at all) she he couldn't ruin her sister's life for her own benefit.

Next year my sister in law is getting married. I would say it is a bit late for her at her age of 31 (she is very good looking), and when I'm happy for her, I feel sad - it means that she's gone for me forever. Not that I had any intention to divorce my wife and ruin my family. It is just sad.

I ask myself whether I married her sister to remain close to her, or because she resembles her, or because I truly loved her. I do not know the answer.

The thing is that that true sence of love, that gentle caring emotion that you feel for your kids (actually for your favourite kid...) that I feel for my sister in law has never left me.

From time to time I ask myself should I have been more corageous with my life, and try to win my true love's heart. But I never was in a position to even try. Since she was 14 I was her sister's boyfriend, and then husband.

I don't know what she feels, and I don't know whether I will do something about it. Maybe I lost my ultimate happiness in this life by not daring.

But she is getting married in a couple of months, to a guy who in all respects is lesser than me - shorter, poorer, less good looking, he really is.
And I am a bit sad.

Feel free with the comments, I couldn't dare to tell to to enyone else...

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mpaahana, Male, 54, USA, Waipahu 1-10-2007
wow dude, my gf sister jus got married to and i think she is reely hot, seen her naked before and she got a great set of tits, want to do her so badly

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