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Love Confession

my roommate....

mividabella, Female, 34, USA, mesquite

so i live with a guy and a girl...yes kinda like the whole "three's company" i absolutely love living with these people but the thing is i have found myself wanting to be alone with the boy roommate...not like alone so things can happen but he is "in love" with the other girl roomie and it seems that when she is around i become invisible....i think i am falling for my roommate...the boy one... another complication besides him being completely infatuated with the other roomie? he is best friends with my and my ex are still super close and we talk all the time but i feel badly for liking my roomie so much!! i mean there is no chance that he would like me for the 2 listed reasons:a-the other roomie and b-the ex...but i still cant help the way i feel about him. he has been like a brother to me and we have always been there for each other through thick and thin...ive been starting to wonder though...can you love 2 people at the same time? i still care for my ex and i still can hardly see myself settling down with anyone else besides him but then again why do i constantly think about my roomie and want to be with him as much as possible!? thi is all very confusing and semi-new...ive never felt so strongly for 2 different people before and im not sure what to do or how to handle this....

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