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roomie again...

mividabella, Female, 35, USA, mesquite

so last night my roommate(the boy-we'll call him jack) got a little plastered and when he gets drunk he becomes super emotional...hes very sensitive to begin with but when he starts drinking the tears and everything start to pour when he gets this way the only thing for me to do is sit there and listen to him go on and on about my other roommate(we'll call her jill)--lol--and how much he loves her and how much he wants to be with her..she has nothing to do with him in a romantic way and that kills him...she cares for him very much so but it is just in a friend way and she has never told him this...she has told him that she doesnt see them going anywhere right now but she knows good and well that what she really means is that she doesnt see them going anywhere EVER...and that angers me because she needs to just tell him and then maybe he will get the picture...or maybe not but at least hed know the truth and not just a fraction of anyways-hes drunk and spilling his guts to usual ..and im sitting there usual...thinking to myself "if someone felt half as much for me as he does for her i would be so happy to be with them" and i found myself thinking more and more about 'jack' in a more than friend i told him that i had/have a crush on him since like high school and he said that he felt the same about me...and then he proceeds to say something about how he has often thought that if our lives had turned out different or the timing was better that we would be good together...i strongly believe that too...we are alot alike in a good way and i think we would go together very well but i cant say anything like that because im sure he would just look at me like im retarded and remind me ONCE again of his feelings for 'jill'...its so hard being borderline invisible to the people you care about...i dont mean to make this sound emo but it is a hard thing...

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