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cheats, users, and hypocrites

laurie222, Male, 42, United Kingdom, London

I found myself in a friends house, alone with this girl one night. I was as nervous as I always get around girls as totally stunning as she was, trying it on with her was the last thing on my mind. We spoke for hours over a couple of bottles of wine, then as we get up to go to bed (i was to be on the sofa, she upstairs in a spare bed) she asked me, plain and straight, if i wanted to join her. I reflexively said yes, really - any male would have. She then said, again plain and straight, that it might be weird "for me" because her boyfriend would arrive in the morning and we would all be spending the day together! What?! Hold on, this is the first mention of a boyfriend! Not weird for you too then?!

I'm usually quite principled about people cheating on boy/girlfriends, I have never ever cheated on a girlfriend of mine. The whole thing depresses me, that people can hurt eachother so deeply and easily. But the moment this girl, more achingly beautiful than most you meet in an average month, let me know that she wanted to spend the night together, i allowed my attraction to her to flow, and i just couldn't beleive my luck, that i was with this girl.

Picture it. Next day I meet the boyfriend, and have to hang around with these guys for the rest of the day! Of course, I didn't like the boyfriend, naturally. I thought it was usually girls who get used and feel screwed about by things like this...i got a learning,

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LACafeChat, Female, 37, USA, Louisiana 26-11-2007
I dislike cheaters to, strange that she would even let you know, but as easily as she desided to be untruthful to her boyfriend, the same to the next guy. i believe she needs more help than you do. I'm not sure i would have done the same, ( take whats offered) but then again it was easy.

ane44, Female, 39, Ghana, accra 3-10-2007
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