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sweetcarolina, Female, 34, United Kingdom, south

i am a 16 year old girl, nearly 17. i am going out with a 21 nrly 22 yr old. he thinks i'm 19. he thinks i go to uni. i have made up so much bout uni and flatmates etc. and i've met his parents and friends. he's never met mine. i told him my rents are protective so they cant no bout him. th thing is we've been together a month nd i really like him now. he's talking bout love. i don't no what to do. help? i feel so guilty, i want to tell him but i know he'll freak. how can i tell him without losing him?

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uncontrollable, Male, 39, USA, mass 17-1-2009
Your story has intrigued me it works both ways!

Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 24-6-2007
hel no dont tell him shit. just have fun with the mystery and keep the charade going. u can have all kinds of fun in ur position. dont be too serious just be young.

Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 20-3-2007
ur basically caught but its fun to play a role like that i know,i've done it. play it out until u have to come clean is my advice. theres something the sneaky crap thats a turn on,aint it. but then there is another side. the hurting side.

dipstick, Male, 65, United Kingdom, luton 9-4-2006
Don't know what the hell is wrong with GEN from u.k. once your passed 16 you are not jail bait. 17 you are certainly not. and why the hell some guy of 22 should not want a girl of 17 is beyond me. if he loves you then he loves you for what you are what he loves about you. being 17 don't come in to it unless he is crazy.

gen, Female, 36, United Kingdom, london 29-3-2006
get someone your own age you stupid little girl, stop playin other people you jail bate......

lillie, Female, 32, Greece, cyprus 29-3-2006
You should tell him the truth about everything. Because if you are serious about each other and he finds out the truth you will probably lose everything. And if he cant handle what you tell him, he is not worth it!!!

beautifulxDisaster, Female, 34, USA, Thomasville 27-3-2006
thanks for your comment. i would just tell him... most er guys i know dont freak baout that. just do what you neeed to.

xo-nemo-ox, Female, 34, Canada, Ottawa 27-3-2006
I think what your doing is wrong. You shouldn't lie to people like that bacause if someone finds out he could be charged with stahitory rape and shit like that, that can put him in jail or make hoim pay big fines. If you have really strong feelings for someone you shouldn't lie to them. It's wrong and ends alot of relationships.

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