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Love Confession

I think I'm falling in love.

Evos, Female, 35, USA, New York

I have a best friend that I’ve known for about 11 since I was about 10. She is the most beautiful down to earth girl I know. At first we were always fighting with each other and I did some mean things to her that I know regret but then we became really close. When I was 15 I got a girlfriend and about 6 months into the relationship my best friend told me that she liked me. I responded to her confession by telling her that I had a girlfriend and I think that after meeting her and seeing us together it broke her heart. Anyways after 3 1/2 years going out with my girlfriend we broke up and now a year later I find that I can’t get my best friend out of my head and I think that I am falling in love with my best friend, but am not sure if she still has feelings for me after all of the fights and the bad things I did. On my birthday she wrote me a letter and said that she wished I was a nicer and less depressed person but that if I changed I would not be the same person she knows and loves. I want to tell her how I feel and am willing to make the changes she mentioned and as a matter of a fact have been trying from even before she mentioned them but don’t want to ruin or friendship and are not sure if she meant love as a friend or a lover. What should I do?

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Comments By Other Users

SinAngel15, Female, 31, United Kingdom, Evesham 21-1-2008
I know this sounds like cliche advice but you need to tell her how you feel about her. Also, if you haven't already, apologise for what you did. You don't have to mean the apology if you don't want to but you should make sure that you at least sound sincerely sorry. Good luck and hope things work out in your favour!

saado, Female, 34, Canada, calgary 17-11-2007
i loved aman i need him maareige me but he seems he need only sex for me but yet i didnt allowed him so every time he said me that he love rerality and i feel some thing elso i dont know what i do ? i love him and i know if geve my body he will make me regret thank you

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