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I hate my Mom

fetish007, Female, 35, India, delhi

I simply hate her. I hate my mom. The one person who has brought me up. She has never been supportive of anything that I have done. Not just that, everyday she makes me feel like I am the ugliest person alive. She thinks no guy will ever fall for me because I am ugly. In terms of my career, my choices, I've never had any support. I know this person has given me my life, but I don't like being treated this way. Anyways hopefully someday my mother will realise that I am a person too, who has a heart which hurts. And I am not just an ugly girl who doesn't abide by her wishes.

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amy, Female, 29, United Kingdom, hartcliffe 24-1-2008
i hate my mum because she does not let me do anything i want to kill myself

giftlove77, Female, 35, USA, new york 29-12-2007
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pmf197, Female, 42, United Kingdom, Cheltenham 25-11-2007
Hi, I just wanted to let you know you're not the only one to feel like this. I used to hate my mum too - I mean hate her so much that at one point I even thought about physically hurting her. She used to tell me almost every day how stupid I was, she used to shout at me or my dad at least once a day, and she called me all kinds of horrible names. I left home 10 years ago, and it wasn't until about 3 years ago that I realised my mum was just miserable where she was, and she took it out on me all the time. Please, DO NOT EVER take what your mum says to heart - I know how difficult that is (if someone says something to you enough times, you believe it, especially when it's your mum), but you can't think about things objectively in the situation you're in. Hopefully, when you leave home and have some space you'll be able to see that your mum is taking her own insecurities and unhappiness out on you. Until you have your own space, just believe in yourself, try your best and be patient - there's nothing wrong with you, you just have to ride out this time at home and then you can have your freedom.

ravenzz, Female, 44, USA, east tennessee 9-11-2007
it sounds more like your mother is a very unhappy person who putting you down in order to make herself feel better...don't hate her, she probably hates herself enough for the both of you.

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