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kittyahger, Female, 29, Other South American countries, dover

I knew this boy from friendster .
and we chat online in msn for 4 mths aldy .
during the 2 mth i den know i falling in love with him .
I really cnt live without him and i cried a few times
when listening some songs. =/
We haven meet up yet cause im always the one delaying
it. im so scared to see him. properly shy ? sigh .
I leave him a offline msg and i told him i like him.
and i told him even if he dont like me pls dont avoid me.
and he agreed. got one day i even asked him : u think will i ask u
for stead one day ? he said hard to say. den i asked him, do u like me ?
he said maybe i guess. From that moment i was so damn happy.
But he's aldy just graduated from sec 4 and he's now working =/
the hours and days we chat became lesser and i really miss him lots lots.
i even found his ex's blog and i read those pass days he spend with her.
i was so cal quite jealous but they aldy broke up long ago.
i came across a post and i cried while reading.
it was the one that they aldy broke up and she said she hope
he can get another gf that can dote on him, care for him and
dont have an attitude. At that moment i really cried and hw i wish he
was my stead right now. i realli love him alot. One day i was too sad and i
even use a pen knife and scratch his name on my hand =/
how foolish i was but i really cnt stop myself from missing and loving him.
now i dont always see him online and im quite sad.
those days when we chat for long hours seem to be fading far
away from me le. I have been waiting for just three word from his mouth ,
and that is i love you. I guess i love him more den i ever used to be,
and its okay if all these are plain waitings. Cause no one else can touch my heart other den him. I love you chng shi yong ! your existence really mean alot to me.

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dirtylittlesecret27, Female, 40, United Kingdom, wales 15-2-2008
If you think you love him you need to meet him chick.... Feelings can get mixed up when you've been chatting to someone online for a while... You end up falling in love with the idea of the person and not the person if that makes sense. You need to meet to see if there is a spark and that you truely do feel the same in the 'real' world.. Because people can be completley different in person........

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