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Love Confession

Alcoholic Girlfriend

johnnylarue, Male, 39, USA, Nashville

There is a girl that I love who can't stop drinkings. I met her at work, she was the new girl; beautiful in a quirky way. We began to talk, in person and online. It was a few months before her twenty-first birthday and I invited her over to my place for drinks.

At first it didn't seem so bad. When she turned twenty-one she started drinking more, but lots of college kids do so I didn't think much of it. Now looking back on it, there were very few times when we didn't drink at least a little when we were together.

It's all gotten worse though. She started drinking during the day more and more often; skipping work and quitting her job.

It's scary sometimes when I get the occasional late night call and she needs me to pick her up from some bar or friend's apartment. A couple of weeks ago I arrived at a bar and found her weeping uncontrollably outside, about what I don't know, but her "friends" had left her there because she said she was fine. I wonder what might have happened to her in that state if she decided to walk home instead of calling me.

I get so tired though, cleaning her vomit and beer bottles, hearing the sadness in her voice and mine.

She's beautiful though, and smart. Despite her faults she's a wonderful girl and I love her.

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