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trixie, Female, 32, USA, hesperia

A ramble of sweet nothings late into the darkness secrets of the untold confessed like sins love of the other growing stronger for one another. Sad endings professed and promised never more. Broken promises shattered hearts exploding confusion of the purpose of our souls, curiosity killed the cat, anger killed the lover, hatred ruined the life, judgment passed the sentence, forever in hell I’m held, proudly I’ve fell only to make things harder and accept the challenge of life. Better than the rest I hold my morals, for no one ever to match my standards, no one to compare to, except… the heart!

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peramuna22sajith, Male, 33, Other Asian countries, kegalle 1-12-2007
i like you . im from sri lanka im 20 years old

xtynamuzik, Female, 39, Philippines, Pasig City 23-11-2007
I think Orchote was harsh. don't mind him. I like how you write, very expressive. Some people really find comfort in writing their emotions through poetry and I think it's a gift. Not everyone could write as lovely as you do. Have a nice day!

Orchote, Male, 46, USA, Boston 21-11-2007
umm..this isn't a poetry board. go find one...

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