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Love Confession


lolavorun, Female, 46, France, Paris

the guy i've liked for nearly a year doesn't like me back. its like, you say i love you--and you hold your heart out and someone stomps on it repeatedly. the guys ive ever liked in the past or present never liked me back. people say i'm beautiful, but guys never ask me out, and i don't know why. its like i send out some weird vibe that turns guys off. i don't know what is wrong with me. maybe the people who tell me i'm beautiful are lying and maybe im actually hideous and a horrible mean person and maybe nobody ever had the guts to tell me. i just wish someone out there loved me and that it was mutual--i just want to be loved, for god's sake--is that too much to ask?? what am i doing wrong??!!

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Comments By Other Users

Soliloquy8, Female, 32, USA, McMinnville 19-12-2008
A lot of guys are afraid to approach a beautiful woman because they think she'll turn them down. This happened to my mom all through her high school years, and a guy friend explained it to her at a reunion. It happened to me in high school, too. It's undermining to confidence and self-esteem, and it hurts too, doesn't it? In this day and age, often it's the woman who needs to approach the man. Rejection isn't the end of the world, either. Just 'cus there's no guy in your life doesn't mean you're not whole. You are whole, and beautiful, and I pray everything works out.

Shizoku, Male, 35, USA, New Brunswick 24-11-2007
Sometimes another person's definition of love may be different from your own. I think it depends on how strongly you approach someone. You probably are beautiful and although having a beautiful girl like you is a great thing for a guy, maybe they are intimidated. Perhaps if this is the case you can take a step back and just be friends. If its simply a case of there being no feelings there I guess it can't be helped. I recently told someone I liked for over a year I liked them. Hope it works out for you in the end. Regards.

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