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Love Confession

my mans bestfriend

mitsy3999, Female, 31, Australia, Sydney

I don't really know what the purpose of this is, i know i'm not gonna do anything, i know on so many levels i don't want to. For whatever reason i have feelings for my boyfriends bestfriend, he annoys me in so may ways, he's stubborn, extremley conventional, emotionally immature and so forth. So much different from my boyfriend and something i can't really identify with. Before i go on i wanna stress how much i love my bf, this thing with his bestfriend is purely attraction. Not to mention the fact that he has had an extremley messy relationship with my bestfriend and my other best friend he had a fling with. This messy relationship with 'him' and my bestfriend was exceptionally bad because my bestfriend cheated on him with her ex, due to them sharing little to no time together and actually having nothing in common, so naturally the four of us (me, my bf, his bestfriend, my bestfriend) were kinda like a couple for the short time they were together. Which again became hard because me and 'him' became kinda close.

Again, me and 'him' actually have always shared a lot in common apart from ideals, example: the same movies, music,humor and an interest in philosophy. Not that i don't share that with my boyfriend, it's just much different. I've always prided myself on being moral, i'd never wanna cheat and to be honest when i really think about it doesn't seem prefferable in any way, shape or form. I just seem to find myself wondering what it would be like, but again that is all just an 'idea' and when presented itself in reality i know i wouldn't want it at all! The last qaundry is my boyfriend's constant jealousy towards his besfriend which i have always assured him is 'stupid' which i mean to be honest is true, my man measures up in so many more ways then said bestfriend. So in a nutshell he's a bit of a play boy with loose morals. I just wish i didn't feel like this! I so very,very,very much want to hate him or just not even think of him in that way. Which i know i can snap out of and to be honest i find myself finding him less desirable. He does somehow poses this certain 'charm'. I love my boyfriend and he loves me and its absolutley perfect! This is just a rut and i needed to express my feelings about it.
xx :)

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Dainagirl24, Female, 37, USA, Waycross 31-12-2007
girl ur attraction wont go much longer without acting on that attraction to ur b/f's best friend. we love that abrasive attitude that rubs us the wrong way,just like a 3 day old beard on the face of a lover scratchin our inner thighs as he works that wet tongue of his in us. u kno u want this guy n he wants u,so dont b coy n act like u dont,jus give in to wat u want n enjoy urself. i dont think u'll regret it,but u'll regret not doing it with him. u kno i'm right. in situations like urs everythin is amplified many times n u need this,for urself.

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